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"Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come."

-Ron Kaufman

"T.W.I.G.S. is a local nonprofit that helps cancer patients with house keeping, yard work, errands, and rides to appointments. Founder and Executive Director, Beth Read, started T.W.I.G.S. about a year ago. Her passion for helping cancer patients comes from her experience helping her mom who died of cancer about 3 years ago. She saw how much her mom needed help with simple life necessities and thought about all the people who may not have the resources that her mom had to hire others to do those chores. She has a heart of gold and loves being able to help people who really need it. 


As soon as I called Beth and told her what I needed help with, she came over right away and pulled weeds for me. She and a volunteer are cleaning my house today. T.W.I.G.S. is a Godsend and I want to encourage anyone who has the means to donate to support the wonderful work that Beth and her volunteers are doing."


- Karen

" I am extremely grateful to have worked with Beth from TWIGS during my cancer journey. I have stage 3 breast cancer including being the mother of 4 children including twin toddlers. TWIGS provided services that made our lives easier such as weeding, helping with household projects, and cleaning the house. Beth also sends encouraging messages during chemo days and keeps in touch. Once I recover from my cancer treatment I plan on volunteering for TWIGS"


- Trish

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